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I am working with lace weight baby alapca yarn, for a lace scarf. The yarn is very fine and I do not want to join my next skein with a knot. Is there some way I can join the new skein without a knot ? I can find instructions on everything else but not on joining yarns. Thanks for any help.


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Sharon Miller's book on

Sharon Miller's book on Shetland lace gives some good tips. Sadly, our local library's copy was misplaced or, most likely, stolen. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Search "Russian join" on the

Search "Russian join" on the web as well, but the spit splice works nicely on yarns that are feltable.

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Thanks, I will check it out.

Thanks, I will check it out.

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Hi Jack - there are some

Hi Jack - there are some short videos here. I've never had luck joining yarn like this but I know many people do it. I tend to just add in the yarn from the new skein a few stitches before the point at which I'm going to drop the old skein and knit as if I'm two-color knitting, weaving the new skein in behind the stitches that show, switching from the old to the new skein, and then weaving the old skein out without tying any knots. Good luck!!

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Thanks, I may give it a try

Thanks, I may give it a try on a swatch before ZI try it on the scarf I am working on. I have always been afraid that the work would come unraveled if there was no knot.

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You can fuse the strands

You can fuse the strands with the spit method. First pull off half the plys form each end that you will be fusing. then twist to the two ends together a bit, spit into the palms of your hands and roll the ends back and forth between your hands - it works like a dream.

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I do the "spit" join with

I do the "spit" join with hand lotion- works quite well.

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It sounds simple enough.

It sounds simple enough. Have you ever had the yarn separate later ? I am always afraid that something will unravel on me. I am working with lace weight baby alpaca and I think it can be blended fairly easily. I just want to be sure it won't come apart later. Thanks for the info.