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Here is a pair of socks I made for my Perfect Partner. He even wore them once!

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The socks are beautiful!! I

The socks are beautiful!! I am just now trying to learn how to knit socks. CUSS, CUSS!!!!

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Very nice looking socks.

Very nice looking socks. Lucky both of, for getting to knit great looking socks; him, to receive them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice color's and handsome

Nice color's and handsome socks.
Who's the luckier man - A man who has a perfect partner (with big feet) ;-) or - the perfect partner who has a sock knitting partner?

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Great colours.

Great colours.

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Those are handsome! ...and

Those are handsome!
...and the pooling of the colours is beautiful...

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They are beautiful. I wish

They are beautiful. I wish I had the patience to do all that ribbing on the leg. I think it looks so elegant, but I can hardly do the 2" for the cuff. Very nicely done.