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Here is a new pic of Don and I, I am trying to upload a new pic to my profile and it an't working. I am teaching him to knit and I don't know which is harder as he is a left hander and I am a righter lol.

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You have all read my

You have all read my comments about knitting and handedness. If it works best for him to do right-handed, even if he is a lefty, that's great. Otherwise, it just will take time and patience. But a fine knitter like yourself can help him get over that hurdle. A great photo of the two of you, for sure. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Today he tried knitting

Today he tried knitting right handed to day and he did quite well so maybe that is the road we will go.

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WOW!..Handsome...and a

WOW!..Handsome...and a knitter too! hit the Jackpot!

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Great new handsome pix! As a

Great new handsome pix!
As a left-handed teacher, I can tell you that the best way I've found to teach is for him to face you, and mirror you. I've taught crocheting and calligraphy this way, and it's surprising how well it works!

That's how my grandma taught

That's how my grandma taught me to knit many years ago, but I eventually taught myself to knit 'right-handed'.