commission project number two

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I am in the middle of a corkscrew scarf (Loop-d-Loop) and it is fun! Once I practiced my short rows and used a stich marker I am aces!


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The Loop-D-Loop book has

The Loop-D-Loop book has some really interesting designs. I second the call for photos, even though none of the patterns particularly called to me, asking to be knit. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Can we see a pix? Pattern?

Can we see a pix? Pattern? Pretty please?!

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No puppy blankets have come

No puppy blankets have come my way yet. Oh well, Stella would probably chew it up anyway :-) Our last mini aussie puppy is meeting his new parents tomorrow. It will be nice to have the house back. We had fifteen of them this summer! We will never breed two bitches at the same time again :-)