Help! Binding off the neck/collar

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A few weeks ago someone asked about binding off and I think it was about binding off in ribbing. The replies described different methods of doing it and I was really interested to try at least one or a couple of them. I've finished my Icelandic yoke sweater and have bound off three times and am still not satisfied. Suggestions? At this point it's 1x1 ribbing for the collar. Thanks!!


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A simple approach is to bind

A simple approach is to bind off in all purl stitches- looks nicer (from the outside) than the "crochet" chain you get when binding off in knit stitches.

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These are exactly what I was

These are exactly what I was looking for - and more!!! Thanks!! FO post to follow soon.

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Techknitter also has this

Techknitter also has this one on her blog. What a beauty!

Consider this one, as well!

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Wow... that does look

Wow... that does look beautiful. I might give it a try. I'm very comfortable with kitchener so I might as well. Thanks!

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Frank, I suspected you were

Frank, I suspected you were fearless knitter, armed with Lord Kitchener resolve to sew those rascal seams. However, Techknitter offers a way to KNIT kitchener stitch that blew me away. Put the threaded needle away and take a look at her technique.

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Wow... just took a look at

Wow... just took a look at that. It has blown my mind and I have to get ready for work... I think I'll look at it again this evening and will give it a shot. How great to be able to knit kitchener instead of sewing it!!

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Is it a collar or neck

Is it a collar or neck border? I always think a folded over neck border is attractive and longer lasting than a single one. I rib for an inch or an inch and a half then do a round of purl. I then purl where I knit and knit where I purled so that the hem fits into itself. Continue until it is a a round longer than the outside border. Do not bind this off when you have finished it but take a few stitches off tack them to the the sweater with thin wool. Continue until all the stitches have been done. You will find the band adds substance to the sweater and holds its shape.

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try NYB's post here or

try NYB's post here or possibly this one