Barbara Walkers Learn To Knit Afghan

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I wasn't sure that I would have the patience to actually complete the project, but with some self discipline and stamina, I finished Barbara Walker's Learn To Knit Afghan. I started with Square #1 in March 2009 and finished the single-crochet outer border on 2 November 2009. I used Cascade 220 and 4.25 mm needles. Finished size is approximately 60" x 74".

True to its name, I learned a great deal about knitting. Every square (63 in total) is a different pattern and incorporates most (?) major knitting techniques. (No Fair Isle or Intarsia techniques.) My favorite square was one of the twist-stitch patterns, although getting a good left twist was a bit of a challenge until I found a technique not mentioned in the book. My least favorite square was the "sea-foam" pattern. I didn't care for knitting it and I'm indifferent (at best) to the pattern.

Overall, the project has certainly given me the confidence to try just about anything. It's amazing what one can create by combining a knit stitch and purl stitch.

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Really really good looking.

Really really good looking. And really really good work. I would be hard pressed to make squares so "squarely" and with such consistently worked stitches. How'd you manage the 2-color squares without using Faire Isle or Intarsia?

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Ron - Paul and I agree: Love

Ron -
Paul and I agree: Love it!


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I can only repeat what the

I can only repeat what the others have said- and I am really taken by the color combo!

That is very very beautiful!

That is very very beautiful! I am glad you finished it. The colors and patterns had so much to it. Yours ranks up there as one of my favorites.

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Love it; great colors

Love it; great colors

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I think it came out

I think it came out beautiful! You should feel proud! Excellent Job!!!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Ron You did a fantastic Job, I like the colors a lot.

Buck Strong's picture looks looks cozylicious!
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Congratulations - it looks

Congratulations - it looks great. I'm often tempted to start a project like that - but I know that even if I knit all the squares I'd end up with a pile of squares. ( I detest piecing!)

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Wow... that's beautiful.

Wow... that's beautiful. What an amazing project. I don't know if I'd have the patience though... I'd have to have other projects going too. Did you have multiples WIPs or was it just that? It's obviously worth it... you have a great piece of work there. It is crazy to think that everything we do is pretty much a combination of knit and purl stitches huh? Great job!!

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I had to do some other

I had to do some other projects, particularly when I was crocheting the borders on 63 squares!

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I am curious what

I am curious what interesting sights are viewed out that window with the aid of the binoculars at the ready...? I have such a dirty mind...

The rug is gorgeous. My aunt inherited my grandmother's in the same style yours appears to be. Such memories!

Congrads on the afghan! I have doubted whether or not I would ever have the patience to create a pieced work. Your persiverance is admirable.

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The binoculars in the

The binoculars in the window? Hmm...I'll leave your dirty mind to fill in the details. It's probably more fun that way!

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Awesome, Ron! You should be

Awesome, Ron! You should be very proud! I'm really impressed.

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What a beautiful work of

What a beautiful work of art, and the colors match your rug perfectly! Great Job!

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Outstanding, Ron! You doed

Outstanding, Ron! You doed it! Now you can work on the minor (?) knitting techniques, whichever they are.

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Oh my!!!!!!!!!! Just

Oh my!!!!!!!!!! Just gorgeous, love the colours

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That is an absolutely great

That is an absolutely great looking afghan, Ron. Congratulations. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.