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When I started knitting, my first project was a pair of baby booties, and it's still one of my favorite patterns. It's pretty much a given that any friends of mine who have babies are going to get a pair. So today Charlize's mom sent me this pic of her modeling my most recent pair. I hope they warm her feet as much as this picture warms my heart. Awwwww....

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That is one precious baby!

That is one precious baby! With wonderful booties too...

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Thanks for the kind

Thanks for the kind comments, guys! The pattern is out of a Leisure Arts beginner book called "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting." The pattern is made flat starting at the sole. It has some easy instep shaping and then it's seamed from the cuff down after you've cast off.

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Love 'em. Such a great gift,

Love 'em. Such a great gift, they look fabulous.

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Wonderful picture. Those

Wonderful picture. Those booties are my favorites for babies. I tried adapting them for adults....bad move. One sister, Irene, said they reminded her of Daffy Duck feet. That got frogged right away. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Absolutely beautiful!!!

...and it is all the more rewarding to actually see your knitting accomplishments being worn.

Bravo! Excellent job.


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Very cute!! The booties not

Very cute!! The booties not so bad either! hehe!3

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I LOVE that picture...what

I LOVE that picture...what gorgeous child. The booties look nothing short of perfect.

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Very cute!! Thanks for

Very cute!! Thanks for sharing with us.

A gorgeous baby wearing a

A gorgeous baby wearing a beautiful pair of bootees - aaawww.

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She's adorable, and the

She's adorable, and the booties you knitted look wonderful!

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Where did you get the

Where did you get the pattern?

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Such a great photo, very

Such a great photo, very cute babty and very nice booties.

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I am sure they will keep

I am sure they will keep baby warm and toastie for months to come as I am sure that photo will do the same for you.

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Adorable!....the booties

Adorable!....the booties look good too. :)