Learn-To-Knit Afghan

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I've been working on Barbara Walker's Learn-To-Knit Afghan off-and-on since the Spring. When it's done it will be a gift for my husband, Joe. In the meantime it's been a great learning experience. The yarn is Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in silver blue, dusty blue and navy. I've finished 24 of the 63 squares so far. The sections on Knit-Purl Combinations, Mosaic Patterns and Slip-Stitch Patterns are done, and I'm into the Twist-Stitch Patterns right now.

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Are the patterns written for

Are the patterns written for Continental knitting? I still feel like a beginner knitter after 2 years so it sounds fun, but I tried Continental and it didn't happen for me!

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I am very impressed. I love

I am very impressed. I love the way the blocks turned out and the color scheme. It seems well worth the effort.

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Great looking knitting.

Great looking knitting. Lucky husband to have such a nice afghan. I've looked at a bunch of her patterns in the book but haven't taken the plunge. Some good inspiration there, though. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm impressed!!! beautiful

I'm impressed!!!
beautiful work...I have the book...and have tried soe of the great patterns... not sure if I'll make the coverlet...
but your squares are tempting me to start!

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Very beautiful. The colours

Very beautiful. The colours are right on. Our Crafty Andy is doing one as well. I have often looked at Walker's book and might attempt one myself.

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Very, very nice! The color

Very, very nice! The color combo is really appealing. The colors in Vanna's Choice are magic for me- I just wish Lion Brand would do them in wool as well. This afghan is going to be spectacular!

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To quote Arte Johnson,

To quote Arte Johnson, "Verrrrrrrrry interesthink". It's gorgeous now and will be gorgeous-er when it's done.

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I love the different

I love the different patterns & stitches and your color choice. Your work is very good. Your husband is lucky to have you knitting for him.

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What a great way to learn

What a great way to learn such a variety of stitches, and I love the colour selection.