sweater I just finished for my cousin

my cousin brought me a sweater she had started 5 years ago, it was going to be to small for her, so ripped it all out found another pattern, and luck would have it the ys where she bought the yarn still had yarn in the same dye lot. this is a Drops design, I love working with thier patterns. I even used deer antler buttons on it, she did not know what is was going to look like at all until i gave it to her.

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Wow. The color work is

Wow. The color work is amazing. Did you knit in the round and then cut up the front or just knit back and forth knitting and purling with two colors? The sweater is beautiful!!

one piece bottom up ,

one piece bottom up , knitted back and forth, when i got to the top i had four strands of yarn going at once

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The sweater is beautiful.

The sweater is beautiful. You did a lovely job.

thank you

thank you

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Beautifully done! You found

Beautifully done! You found the same dye lot five years later? That's pretty amazing.

the yarn was purchased at a

the yarn was purchased at a lys that is stuffed from floor to cieling and only open a few days a week and it is in a very small town, thank you

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What a beautiful cardigan,

What a beautiful cardigan, great design and knitting.

I fell in love with the

I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it, then found out it was size 4 needles almost had second thoughts, but did it anyway. Thank you

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very, very beautiful!

very, very beautiful!

Thank you

Thank you

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Very good looking sweater.

Very good looking sweater. Those buttons really compliment the yarns. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thank you, found the buttons

Thank you, found the buttons on etsy, and the shanks on another site, the only downfall is they have to be removed when washing, but they do look amazing on it

This is a really nice

This is a really nice looking sweater. I hope she liked it and appreciated al your work.

She loves it, and she really

She loves it, and she really did appreciate it.