Playing In the 1500's

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I know this is not about knitting, but I just spent the weekend playing in the 1500"s. I was a vender at a Ren Faire near Indy, Ind. Had a great time but am very tired, just trying to recover from the weekend. You find so many interesting and unusual people at these events, I find them all to be very intertaining and such. I still find myself talking in an english accent, you just get all caught up in the time period when you are at one of these events. Anyway sucks to be back in reality! Good Day to You All My Lords!! and A Happy Monday to you All!!


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I'd love to sing and play

I'd love to sing and play the music, but I'm still afraid of the actors. Just a bit.

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Good Den to ye as well

Good Den to ye as well M'Lord!
GodsTeeth but I ken well of what you speak.

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Aah Yes and and Good Day to

Aah Yes and and Good Day to you as well M'Lord. You M'Lord are one of the many Performers at such events so you must be very tired after such events!!