City bed Shams

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Well another dive into the unknown.
I wanted to change my pillows and shams for square edged pillows. So I bought the pillows from my supplier and decided the shams are my next project. The always amazing (Mouliné) local yarn shop had lots of cotton that I had previously used on another cushion cover. I liked it. It's soft, large enough and reasonable in cost.
I tried several stitches for a good textural 3" border and decided on "the gooseberry stitch" (phew - thanks for the technique guys) for it's alternating bumps and just the right relief I need for that 3" flat surface around the edge.
The cushions are 28" x 19"x 3".
So right now I'm just knitting tons of Gooseberries and when my strip is long enough to get around the cushion I'll start the back/front, which right now I believe will be small black/tan stripes on a white background. We'll see?
Well I'm there the gooseberries are done for one cushion. About 92" x 3". PHEW!
I was working out the stripe I want on the front and back - it will be ...

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Looks great! I look forward

Looks great! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

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Very nice. I have an in-law

Very nice. I have an in-law who knits fitted seat covers for his vehicles. We talked about what it entails but I'm not quite to that stage of interest. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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oooh, that stitch is so

oooh, that stitch is so pretty!

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Those are going to be

Those are going to be beautiful!


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Pretty! Looking forward to

Pretty! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!