Hello All - And what I am up to.

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Learned to knit when I was around 7. Taught by my great Aunt Vern. She was an avid knitter and if she had ANY hope of getting anything done when I came to visit, she taught me in self defense. (And now thinking about it that is how i learned a few other 'soft skills' like crotchet and quilting. Hmmmm there is a pattern for you. She was also a knitting nazi. She would rip my little patches out when i messed up stitches always letting me know I should have told her sooner and I wouldn't have so much to re-do. However it di create good knitting habits.

Dropped it when i got razzed in school, picked it up again later in my 20's (now in my 40's). Love to knit. I also like to bake (anything but mostly breads) and cook.

Like to knit smaller projects but last year did EZ's Hurry up sweater from the Almanac. I love EZ's designs, however her directions can be nebulous. Luckily i am also part of the Knitlist group and can have her daughter Meg answer questions about the patterns which she has been knitting most of her life! Wont do afghans unless they are modular. Am self-conscious about KIPing, but do it sometimes any way. My favorite project in the universe are the feltable slipper socks from the Socks Fly from Two Circular Needles book and often do several pair a year for gifts. They are always well received.

Currently on the needles: EZ's adult rib warmer. Hoping to finish it before the real cold weather gets here in PA. Am just about to the back so a few more nights. It will keep my warm in the office, which is always chilly. Doing it in KnitPicks Bulky peruvian bare -- I intend to dye it in aztec gold once the rib warmer is done.

I plan on doing the Adult Surprise Jacket this winter, also in the peruvian bulky superwash that I intend to hand dye -- unsure on colors yet. . .


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Welcome!! I know this is a

Welcome!! I know this is a bit late but welcome anyway.

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Welcome, welcome! You've

Welcome, welcome!

You've come across an excellent bunch of guys (and a couple of really decent gals, too)


'can't wait to see some of your work, both knitting and your breads. I do so much love working with dough and bread-baking, m'self. Just like knitting, you put yourself into making it, and it will reward you with something perfect.

Always good to see new faces, for certain.

I'm here in Maine...have been to PA a number of times and always thought it was rather beautiful land.


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I've got a good friend in

I've got a good friend in Troy, PA...i hope to be visiting her soon, actually. Welcome aboard! ^_^ Look forward to hearing more from you and perhaps even seeing some of your handiwork.

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Greetings and salutations!

Greetings and salutations!

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Welcome to MWK. I also enjoy

Welcome to MWK. I also enjoy knitting and bread making, mostly sourdough.

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MMMmmmmmmmm. Hey, how 'bout


Hey, how 'bout I come over to your place and bring a bit of my starter and mingle a bit with yours and we'll be grandparents!



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I'll send you mine if you

I'll send you mine if you send me yours. . . .

Its pedigree: The original starters were the King Arthur Flour Starter and the Ken Green starter from the internet. Bot hsuposedly alive since the 1800's. I am sure it has converted to the local fauna by now. Come cold weather I bake twice a week so the starter is always active. Summer not so much, unless we are firing the cobb oven outside then I'll get it out and dosome boules or baguettes

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Now I know where the Shout

Now I know where the Shout Box dialogue on sourdough started! LOL -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to the group, always

Welcome to the group, always nice to meet new members. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more from you.


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Welcome, welcome. Hope you

Welcome, welcome. Hope you enjoy yourself immensely here. As to KIP'ing...Knit on. I do knitting anywhere and everywhere. It's not as if we were breaking the law. Besides, you can have some great conversations start that way. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Hey welcome to our group ! I like aztec Gold as well, How do you plan to dye your garment? Crafty Andy wants to know.

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welcome. i am from

welcome. i am from mechanicsburg, pa, and live in l.a. now
all i know of love, is love is all there is

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I always thought that anyone

I always thought that anyone came from mechanicsburg was an urban myth

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KIPing is knitting in

KIPing is knitting in public

I am in the ABE - Lehigh valley area. My niece lives in buckingham, bucks county so I know the area pretty well (10 minutes from Rice's Market)

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Welcome Joe! Maybe a stupid

Welcome Joe! Maybe a stupid question, but what is "KIPing"?

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I think I found it -

I think I found it - Knitting In Public?

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Welcome! Thanks for taking

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.

A couple things...

- Where in PA are you? Eastern Bucks County here (as close to NJ as you can be and still be in PA)
- I LOVE Aztec gold...I hope you'll be able to post a picture of that