Blah and bull shit...

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I have been harassed by a few girls into knitting them mary jane slippers.

I am NOT kntting these silly things out fishing with the guys.



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You have my deepest

You have my deepest sympathy, Kerry. One of my sisters expected me to be her slipper factory...until I firmly put my foot (and knitting needles) down and said that enough was enough. She may get an occasional pair as a gift but no more 2 (or more) pairs per year. Naturally, she didn't want to learn how to knit her own. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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as long as they bait your

as long as they bait your hooks at their scrapbook meetings, you can call it even

all i know of love, is love is all there is

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Where did you get the

Where did you get the pattern for the Mary Jane's - could be great holiday presents - that is, if I ever knit anything but lace. (Mario - I'm still slowly working on PAVO.)

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Women are so abusive!

Women are so abusive!

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yeah, i don't know that I'd

yeah, i don't know that I'd agree to that. I've never ever had any interest in knitting anything for hands or feet. Don't know why. Good luck!

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I hope you're swapping for

I hope you're swapping for homemade bread, cookies or fishline...LOL