Sculptured Lace Scarf

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Just cuz........ I've never had a chance to blog about this puppy of mine on here to if you all like it and want to make it.

Pattern: Sculptured Lace Scarf by Kenny Chua
Magazine: Interweave Knits, Spring 2009

Yarn Brand: Classic Elite
Yarn Name: Wool Bam Boo
Yarn Colorway: #1603 Flint
Yarn Content: 50% wool 50% bamboo
Yardage: 1 ball = 50 g (3.5 oz) = 118 yards (108 m)
Quantity: 4 balls = 472 yards (432 m)

Needle: Size 5 US (3.75 mm)
Dimensions: Approximately 5.5" wide, 61" long
Recipient: Interweave Knits

Project Notes:
I'm adding some close-up shots of the design to showcase what the pattern really looks like up close.

Here is the Ravelry Button for it too!


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That is a fantastic scarf,

That is a fantastic scarf, Kenny. I can see myself knitting that as a gift and for myself. (As if I needed another scarf!) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful! Thanks for

Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

Wow, that is seriously

Wow, that is seriously beautiful I am deffinately going to have to look it up and try it in the near future.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
When I saw the scarf in the issue I said Oh I know this guy, and the scarf is magnificent, I have it in my queue on ravelry may make it in the next month or so.

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Wow... that is so

Wow... that is so beautiful!! So lovely.

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It 's for sure going on my

It 's for sure going on my list. I love it!

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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Very cool scarf and know

Very cool scarf and know what you mean about the model. Congratulations on the publication - have to try and get hold of that here.


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Congrats on getting

Congrats on getting published. Beautiful.

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Being that it has a lace

Being that it has a lace look...I think so, still has a very solid look to it. Very wonderful. Thanks for sharing that. Just as a side note....does the model come with it? ;-)

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I asked interweave and they

I asked interweave and they said absolutely not.

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I like this scarf! The yarn

I like this scarf! The yarn is a great match with the stitches and I especially like the outer panel stitch. Not sure if I've seen that before. Is the edge an I-cord?

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The edge is what I call a

The edge is what I call a faux I-cord. Looks like an Icord, but it's not. It's in Interweave Spring 2009. It'll be cool if you made it! :)

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I will check it out.

I will check it out.