Lace Ribbon Scarf

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This is the Lace Ribbon scarf, pattern by Veronik in Aplacas D'Auxvasse 100% Suri Alpaca. I'm not an alpaca fan and knitting lace in dark brown is boring and difficult unless your knitting under a mega watt spotlight. The interesting thing about this yarn is that it was raised here in Missouri and the color is natural. This was a commission piece and the women wanted to pick out her own yarn and she wanted alpaca. I sent her to my LYS and who would think that any woman's first purchase in an extremely comperhensive yarn store would bea solid dark brown. This is obviously a women of great constraint. I tried to tempt her with merino but she would have none of it, I guess merino is just too pedestrian.

She wanted something she could loop around her neck several times so I didn't think an intricate pattern with few repeats would really be worth the effort. When I found this pattern and presented it to her she thought it would be perfect. It was a fun, easy and pretty quick pattern and I can now preform double yarn overs in my sleep. I can't wait to give it to her and see what she thinks - it blocked beautifully but I think it would drape better in a merino.

Now I have to decide what to charge her - yuck!

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She loved it and she wants

She loved it and she wants more stuff. She mentioned leggings - hmmm.

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Wouldn't that pattern make

Wouldn't that pattern make terrible leggings? -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks for comments guys. I

Thanks for comments guys. I actually do like brown but it's boring to knit with and I really don't like alpaca. It doesn't feel at as luxurious as a good merino. I'm handing over the scarf later this evening - I hope she's happy with it.

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Nice knitting, Scott.

Nice knitting, Scott. Sometimes we have to compromise when it comes to commissioned pieces. Still, she's happy and you turned out your usual high quality artisanship. Love the new picture, BTW. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I feel for ya on the

I feel for ya on the pricing. Ew.

As for the color, I've been telling myself I need to do more stuff like this scarf. The brown really is beautiful, and will be very versatile--unlike most of the things I have knit so far. The neutrals just don't talk to me as loudly; I have to listen carefully when I walk into the store.

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Lovely scarf, isn't it funny

Lovely scarf, isn't it funny how we all have our tastes in fibres and I must admit the fine alpaca's are mine, and brown is my favorate colour.

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Beautiful scarf, I love the

Beautiful scarf, I love the color. I got some Corriedale fiber at the yarn festival this weekend that is a natural black but in reality is actually dark brown.