FYI: Belly Button start for circular knitting

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Do you guys know about this.
I tried it today on a square shawl I am knitting from the centre out. It is so slick. I noticed that it is over three years old so maybe everyone knows about it but me. If you have ever had the problem of needles flying all over the place when you start a shawl or doily - this is for you.


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I find it so refreshing that

I find it so refreshing that Techknitter gives credit to another person for the bellybutton cast-on creation. Some writers/designers commit the crime of ommission, to let you think the technique in question "leap't from Zeuz' brow" onto their needles to you. This practice is so disingenuous, dishonest and belies the generous nature of our practitioners.

This circle provisional cast-on is a keeper...and I have one lace project, a garment, on hold!

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Yes, that is the cast on

Yes, that is the cast on that I use for circular shawls. When I took the Lace Shawl KAL workshop the instructor taught the Ocher cast-on. Being that I am crochet-deficient, it was frustrating and wound up being thrown across the room. So she suggested I try the belly button cast-on, which I loved and have used since.

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I haven't indulged in a

I haven't indulged in a center-start piece yet, but thought I'd add to the interest here from a recent blog I visited recently, very worth checking out:

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Ron ....Thanks this does

Ron ....Thanks this does look interesting.