How do you swatch for Fair Isle?

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Do you guys swatch in the round? Or in the flat with long floats on the back?

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Well, on one of those Lucy

Well, on one of those Lucy Neatby DVDs she swatches flat and brings long floats across the back.... I know you love those DVDs!

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REally which one?

REally which one?

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I liked Albert's suggestion

I liked Albert's suggestion of doing a small swatch on magic loop, thanks Albert I never thought of that.

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I don't mean to keep

I don't mean to keep bringing up EZ, but she suggests to only knit in the round and to do a swatch by knitting a hat!! I don't know about that, but I suppose if you're going to be knitting in the round, you should probably do a small swatch in the round. Good luck!!

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On stranded knitting

On stranded knitting projects, start a sleeve, and make that your "swatch". Even if you are off, no one will know except you. The first few inches of the sleeve are not critical in size, you will remain in pattern even if you change needle size, and you will have your project well on it's way.

I knit in the round so I "swatch"in the round this way for most of my projects. I collected 12" circs in a few sizes just for this purpose.

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To get the most accurate

To get the most accurate results in swatching, first sacrifice a chicken, then swatch as you will be doing the actual knitting. Since I only knit in the round, I swatch in the round using magic loop; this allows me to use fewer stitches than if I had to cast on enough to get all the way around my shortest circ. As to color knitting, I have been swatching using stranded and weaving in. Though weaving in is fun, the fabric tends to come out "pebbly", whereas stranding come out nice and smooth if I keep my floats fairly loose. Have fun!

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Does the colour and/or sex

Does the colour and/or sex of the chicken make a difference? Could a person substitute a pigeon or dove for the chicken? Pre swatching sacrifice is a crucial part of the process, I want to make sure I've got the details correct.

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Following the sacrifice

Following the sacrifice rules is important...I learned these important distinctions early in the worshiping trades.

Sacred - Species closest to jungle fowl - Choose carefully!
Profane - Any old bird

Sacred - Dinosaurs are far more efficacious, hense rarer.
Profane - Alternative species to jungle fowl descendants may produced undesirable results.

Sacred - Musical accompaniment is crucial - human bone flutes, preferred.
Profane - Tennessee Ernie Ford, Beyonce, and William Shatner recordings are not recommended.

Sacred - Wear natural fibers with verve. Nude with wattle daubing is always correct!
Profane - Martha Stewart clone clothing.

"Think...then write...then rewrite...THEN publish."
- Mark's bathroom mirror sticky note to himself.