feel like crap....must knit

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It has been so hot in Portlandia and it just pulls it out of me since I work outdoors.  Today is my father's 70th b-day and I've not finished his sweater (oh the guilt!!!!)  I just want to sit and knit today (and pay some bills, eat, work out, play some rugby)... anything but move stones in a garden (horticultural stonework is my career at this point).


What I am currently working on.  A stole or sash made of alpaca (really nice but inexpensive stuff) and blue moon mini-mohair loop in "olive garden".  Extremely lux.  You jus' wanna roll around nekkid on it.  It should be perfect with the kilt that I am sewing for myself.  (Brown merino-linen blend). Now I just have to knit the perfect socks and a tam, sew up a snazzy little shirt in an appropriate color (that hides any shedding of the shawl) and I will be perfectly attired for I don't know, Halloween, or any formal affair?  The ballet?  les Sylphide? White bird dance performance? 


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Yup, pictures are a must!

Yup, pictures are a must!

Knitting is always better

Knitting is always better than working... especially out in the heat.

And you know that when you get the whole sash/kilt/tam/socks/shirt ensemble finished, you're going to have to post pictures of you modelling them here, right? Right!? Ok... just wanted to make sure. A rugby player in a kilt? Yes... definitely pictures.