Rhinebeck 2009

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Schedule is up on the website. I've been checking every couple of days and this is the first time I've seen 2009 schedule.

Are we going to see pictures

Are we going to see pictures of the purchases? Will there be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth as we jealously drool over your purchases?

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my credit card is

my credit card is half-melted; but I am happy happy!

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Good for you! And you're

Good for you! And you're there today too so you have ample opportunity to melt the other half!

I had enough on Saturday, I spent nothing but cash though. I did pretty good at spending all I had with me though!

It was GREAT to see you!

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So - I am told I will be in

So - I am told I will be in front of Building 'A' at noon thirty on Saturday; and at the Sheep to Shawl on Sunday High Noon. And I believe I will be KIP-ing at the Holdiy INN indoor patio sometime Saturday evening.

All else is subject to change.

Oh yeah; if you should happen to hear someone singing "Ghost Knitters in the Sky" it will probably be me....

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Heading out in four hours

Heading out in four hours and 32 minutes.....
but who is counting?

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Can everyone PLEASE start

Can everyone PLEASE start praying, doing sunny weather dances, chanting, or whatever so that the weather forecast for the weekend improves?

I'm sending over some of our

I'm sending over some of our sun just for the weekend.

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AMBush already said it, but

AMBush already said it, but I'll reiterate it with joy... I plan to be at Rhinebeck! Whoo hoo! It's another first for me, too. I'm rolling with whatever Aaron says for Sunday, but count me in for Saturday. I'm excited to meet you all

By the way, what is 7 + 5, so I can post this?

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and tickets purchased.

and tickets purchased.

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got my hotel reservations -

got my hotel reservations - have committed to a dinner and knit-in saturday evening; and I think I have a noon-ish meet scheduled for sunday before I high-tail it home.


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There will be another

There will be another planning session this year for the 2010 East Coast Men’s Knitting Retreat at Rhinebeck for anyone interested.

If you’ve attended the MSKR in the past, or if you’re interested in attending one, or if you’d just like to help out in the planning, you are invited to join us for a meet-up at Rhinebeck

When: Saturday, October 17th
Time: 2:00 - 300
Where: At the picnic tables in front of the food vendors

Please private message me if you think you’ll be able to meet us there.

I’m very excited about getting to see some of the guys in between retreats!

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Giving this bump. Okay, so

Giving this bump.

Okay, so it's official, I'll definitely be going on Saturday. WillyG is travelling up to Albany to spend the weekend at my house and come to Rhinebeck too. We're really looking forward to your visit! We might be able to swing going to Rhinebeck both Saturday and Sunday if you're up for it. The Queen Anne's Lace has been mailed in and I can't wait to see how it does there.

Along with all of the guys I usually see each year (Mel & Dave, Jim, Joe, etc) I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the other guys from MWK too. Who else will be going?

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We'll be there as vendors.

We'll be there as vendors. Barn 31 - A Craftsman's Touch Alpaca & RedMaple Sportswear.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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I've been toying with taking

I've been toying with taking my vacation around Rhinebeck, but I don't think I can foot the bill to get up there and still find a place to stay. Because, of course, I can't bear to go for a measly four hours (as bus trips from 'around here' would do). My wish would be to take the Greyhound, but it gets sticky for the financially impaired.

Is anyone near the city willing and able to take in a fellow knitter for a night or two or three?

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Even though I'm going to be

Even though I'm going to be having surgery just two weeks before, I still plan to go to Rhinebeck. May not drive, but I'll be there! Most likely on Saturday.

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mine too. However I know at

mine too. However I know at least three of my ren-faire friends will be attending....and I will probably have to attend a meet and greet for my other knitting group....(or suffer the consequences)

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Thanks for posting this, it

Thanks for posting this, it will be my first time there.