Standard fee for patterns

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Hey guys!
Its been ages since I've posted anything here, and also many months since I've had needles in my hands. I was hoping to get some advice from other designers out there...

I recently had a few of my original patterns accepted by a knitting magazine in the UK. I'm excited to finally have my work published, some of the designs have been laying dormant for years...! BUT, I'm a total noob to the business and have no idea how much to charge. To charge by the hour would surely be way too much money for this small magazine, but I also don't want to sell myself short.

Does anyone have a figure for an "average", appropriate sum to request? Is there an industry standard for this?
Thanks for any advice!


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Love to see some of your

Love to see some of your designs mate - it is SO hard to track down good men's patterns... most of it looks stuck in the eighties!

Good luck with the publications!


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A few years ago (4-5) when I

A few years ago (4-5) when I had some patterns published in Knitter's the price payed for the pattern and knitting was in the $250-350 range depending on amt of work etc. They supplied the yarn, I supplied the finished article and the pattern. Hope this helps