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So, a couple of weeks ago I was looking for a pattern for Selbu mittens. But lo and behold, I STILL can't find one! Instead, I started making a small pillow with the Uncle Argyle Scarf Pattern from SOSB. In the meantime, I've also started making a "sock monkey" with the yarn I was going to use for the mittens. Oh well. If anyone knows where I can find a free selbu mitten pattern, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. =]


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There is a link for a book.

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if you're on ravelry, here's

if you're on ravelry, here's a search for "selbu mittens" that turned up 5 pages of patterns.
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Try Down the

Try Down the left side is a search pattern panel. Type in 'Norwegian' in 'Choose Main Category' and in 'search word' type 'mittens'. A whole bunch of down loadable patterns will pop up.