The Big Day

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This Friday my partner Ralf and I are headed to Iowa City to get married. The ceremony is at 2:00 in Saturday. The plan was to elope and not make a big deal out of it but word spread and it looks like we will be surrounded by family and friends. I am so excited. It's about a five hour drive and I'm hoping to get a lot of knitting done on the way.

Also a quick protocol question. I have a sweet little wedding present for Ralf - when should I give it to him, before or after the ceremony?


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Grats! Best wishes for many

Grats! Best wishes for many many many years to come!
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Wow! Congratulations and the

Wow! Congratulations and the very best wishes for you and Ralf. I'm hoping NY will soon join the ranks and Dennis and I can get married after 18 years.


PS Happy birthday!

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i am so happy for you

i am so happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the best and many, many, many more years. As for the gift, you'll know.


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Congratulations, have a

Congratulations, have a great llife together.

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Congratulations to Ralf and

Congratulations to Ralf and you!! This is very exciting. Can't help with the gift protocol...unfortunately. Blessings and Happiness to you both. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I don't think it matters too

I don't think it matters too much. My gift to my bride back in 1996 (oof!) was a set of pearls. Of course, I gave them to her just before the rehearsal dinner so she could wear them throughout the weekend. I'd say it mostly depends on the gift.

Oh, and congratulations!

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Thank you all for your good

Thank you all for your good wishes, I'm so excited I can hardly think to work. Ralf has planned everything and kept it as a surprise - this is all I wanted for my 50th birthday. It should be so much fun.

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*GRIN* I checked with my

*GRIN* I checked with my sources...and the traditional time for spouses to gift each other is "the morning after" --

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they have a pill for that

they have a pill for that now.

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Well he's certainly deserve

Well he's certainly deserve it then! *GRIN* But can I wait that long?

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So so so so cool!

So so so so cool! Congrats!
Hoping for the same someday.

As to the gift, it wouldn't be surprising if he's planning on doing the same, and in the same quandary... Just roll with the day, and see what happens. If the two of you have made it this far, the odds are that your brains will be on the same page for this matter too!

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I keep forgetting Iowa is

I keep forgetting Iowa is legal now! Many many congratulations - please update us and let us know how it went. Definitely history in the making (not to put toooo much pressure on the relationship!).

You'll know when the moment is right to give him the gift....

Jonathan (illegally married) in DC

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CONGRATULATIONS !!! I wish you both the best and many long years together.

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Congratulations guys -

Congratulations guys - wonderful news. Wishing you both much continued happiness!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Congratulations and Happiness to you !

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Cograts, and best wishes!

Cograts, and best wishes!

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May I add my best wishes to

May I add my best wishes to both of you and I hope it is a memerable and glorious day for you. As to the gift, if it is something personal then I say in private after the ceremony, if it is something everyone will understand then do it at the reception if you are having one.

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after. gifts on the

after. gifts on the reception table by security :) congrats

all i know of love, is love is all there is

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I'm quite sure Miss Manners

I'm quite sure Miss Manners would agree...personal gift from the groom to the groom may be given at any time thought appropriate. thought is if the gift is very personal it might even be given before the drive to the ceremony...

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OMG congratulations! That's

OMG congratulations! That's so exciting.