Men's Knitting Excursion to Peru - interested?

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Hey everyone-

I'm asking to see if anyone is interested in a Men's Knitting Excursion to Peru - I met a wonderful lady who moved to the US 25 years ago and she coordinates fiber trips to Peru! - I have known here for about a year now and I think it'd be a fantastic adventure to share with my knitting and crochet pals from MKR -

I know a few have said they might be interested - anyone else? let me know - either reply to this thread or email me

I'm thinking that we'll plan to do this the fall of 2010 - it's a few thousand dollars... depending on airfare, etc., and as we get enough (serious) interest, maybe we can arrange a pre-trip visit to LA - if it's feasible - perhaps a mini retreat before the excursion... yarn crawl, tour Hollywood or go to Disneyland or something.

This is VERY preliminary - (and a LONG way off!) - I'm quite interested and hope we can get a group of around 10-15 guys to go...

feel free to repost and share as needed on your blogs or other sites -

here's my email:

please put "Peru Trip" as the subject line so I can keep it all organized.

Thanks! :)


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I'd love to... Count me

I'd love to... Count me in...

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I love the idea - but the

I love the idea - but the wrong time of year for me.

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the good news is that this

the good news is that this trip is all fiber related - AND that since we're planning so far in advance, maybe we can all figure out ways to afford it... I'm poor too - so I know it's hard to do... but we can do it...

and yes, if you have a friend or partner interested in going along, they'd be interested in the architecture and history and beauty of the place...

this is all really preliminary - but I hope we can find 10-15 serious guys who want to go. the tourguide is amazing and super fun - she's really excited about the idea of leading an all male (mostly knitter/crocheter) group on a trip of her home country! :)


PS - Bill - I PROMISE if you go, we'll find you more yarn than you can stand! :)

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If I had the money, I'd be

If I had the money, I'd be all over it! Great idea!

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I'd love to! Of course

I'd love to! Of course there's no guarantees while my architect husband can't find the needed steady income. I've visited some great places in Argentina and have been trying to get back to S. America to visit Peru and Bolivia.

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I'm interested but can I

I'm interested but can I bring along my non-knitting husband?

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Had friends visit Peru about

Had friends visit Peru about a year ago. Lots of goodies. I'd love to go but finances (as they are now) says "No". :-( -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'd love to...if someone

I'd love to...if someone wants to pay for my ticket :-)

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I'd be interested...I've

I'd be interested...I've been to Peru and was unable to find yarn,woven goods etc.
...but I'd love to go back.