Gauge question again?

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Hey Boys: So, I'm starting a sweater and I knitted a swatch to check my gauge. The pattern calls for 17 sts and 24 rows = 4". Well, being a loose knitter I started one size down from the recommended size 8. I came in at 19.5 stitches per inch. I really like the way the swatch knitted up on 7s.
So, tell me if I'm wrong here; can't I just alter the pattern to fit my gauge? It's a seamless sweater with a cast of of 192 stitches. With my gauge, it would be 220 for a chest size of 45". The percent increase in stitches is about 14.5. Next, I would increase the amount of cast on for the sleeves by that amount but making sure to add or take away a few stitches to make sure everything is still divisible by 4 (it has a small pattern that is in groups of 4).
Does this sound like it would work?



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I've adjusted patterns to

I've adjusted patterns to match my gauge before without a problem. You can handle the math, so it shouldn't be too hard. When I've done it, I rewrite the pattern on one side of a page with the stitches on their own line and then on the right side, I do the recalcs with my own gauge. That way I make sure I don't miss a line from the pattern. As long as the math is correct (and I'm sure yours will be) you should be fine.

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DEFINATELY do your swatch on

DEFINATELY do your swatch on the circular needle if you are knitting that way! I learned the hard way!! OOPS

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Geoff, When you did swatch,

When you did swatch, did you knit the swatch in the round? Or back and forth knitting and purling? If you are doing your sweater in the round you MUST knit your swatch in the round. most knitters purl looser than they knit. For the most accurate gauge, knit a sample in the round and then check the gauge. Good luck and happy knitting.

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I'm sure it will work and

I'm sure it will work and look forward to reading about the progress. Good luck!

Have fun too - it's so rewarding making modifications and seeing that they work! (Less rewarding when they don't work, but even then I find at least I've learnt something.)

What fiber are you using? One reason I work mostly with wool is that the shape can be adjusted quite a lot during blocking, so it's a great fiber for experimenting.

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Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I figured it should work. As for the fiber, I'm using Cascade 220 wool. It's Autumn Heather. I just love the way it turned out in the swatch.

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