How many of you guys have tried crochet as well?

If you're experienced with the hook, or looking for a small project to try your hand for the first time, I have the priviledge of running a small knitting exchange club which is CROCHET this month.

You make a small crochet item, send it to a partner and in return you will receive a small item. This might be a bookmark, a dishcloth, a coaster, or some other small item.

Give it a whirl.

Best wishes, John

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I taught myself knitting

I taught myself knitting first, but gave up on crochet...too tricky for a lefthanded, mildly dyslexic chap. Then, several years later, a friend sat me down and said, "Watch what I do and copy it with your left hand." I do nice crochet work but knitting is my Muse. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I do crochet on occasion,

I do crochet on occasion, though I always feel like crochet is the harlot, and knitting is the wife I always go back home to.

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I think I tried it once?

I think I tried it once? I'm sure it's not as hard as I thought it was at that moment. Right?

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i've been crocheting longer

i've been crocheting longer than knitting - over 20 years crocheting

and then, one time at band camp...