OT: Non-knitting playfulness

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I found a really neat image morphing program and decided to try it out...


Check out the video...read the little blurb I wrote for it...and let's see how many people have to make use of Google for understanding...be honest!


Here's the video

Oh, and there's no sound...just so you know.

...just messin' around with some new software...and wouldn't you know it...WHILE I was fixing up the pictures and the videos and everything else, I still had my knitting on my lap and took stitches in between the processing and the time it took for files to load up on the desktop!!!




Ahhh...Ashley Longworth,

Ahhh...Ashley Longworth, secret recipe...I loved those two.

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Indeed. ...and Ashley died


...and Ashley died before he could come back...and Miss Emily's candle burned for him all the way up to the end. She loved him and no one else.

Yeah, it took place during the Depression, but still, they were Victorian all the way...what could be better -- tragic Victorian hillbilly drama! I don't know if writers could even dream of shows like that nowadays.

...but then again, some candles will burn, won't they?

...and hey...what better reason to have some recipe? Those two old bats could find a fly on the wall in the middle of Winter on Walton's Mountain and next thing you know, Miss Mamie's rather gently and in her proper Victorian manners: "It certainly is a strong-willed little fly, to last through this cold time of year. (turning to Miss Emily) Let's have some recipe."

Yes, indeed, they were my favorites. My mother and aunt have taken to calling themselves "The Baldwin Sisters" -- 'cept their Victorian house is a re-decorated trailor...and all that goes with it.



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you're too funny!

you're too funny! :)