kntting for animals....yet again.

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Funny how fast you can knit when you need to produce results very fast.

The wife has brought a few baby chicks that were abandoned by their mother in the house to help raise them. 2 days old and little yellow fluff balls.

So what do I do. I tuck them under my neck to keep them warm and rip apart an old angora sweater to knit into a sort of bag with a loose knit so its not too warm to mimic the underneath of a hen to act as their mother. i had it completed in two hours.

Its working. They snuggle under it and sleep for hours. If I take it away they cry.

I really need to go get a new camera. This is too sweet not to show pics.


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HOLY CRAP. That sounds like

HOLY CRAP. That sounds like a sight to behold. You are a good man! Those chicks are luck to have you two.

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Sweater for the

Sweater for the parrot...cuddle sack for the chicks. Priceless! You are indeed a grand fellow. [But we knew that already.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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pics of chicks. pics of

pics of chicks. pics of chicks. chant chant chant

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Kerry,Please take some pics.

Kerry,Please take some pics. We always had chickens, so know how much those chicks need to be kept warm....good job,

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that has to be a first! ...I

that has to be a first!
...I hope we do get pics...

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You are such a gentle giant

You are such a gentle giant Kerry .... you are my kind of people .... both of you.

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That is so sweet Kerry. I

That is so sweet Kerry. I can just picture them all warm and cozy underneath your hand knit bag! You're good people!!

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
-- E. Zimmermann, Knitting Without Tears