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Ok so I finally bought the book Knitting without Tears and want to make the no seam raglan sweater. At first read it seems pretty complicated. Any tricks or obstacles I should watch for? I know I need to do a lot of math before I start, but it sounds like it will come out beautiful.


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I recommend all the above

I recommend all the above and take time to read the directions through a few times before starting. Saves ripping out , if you approach it like I normally do...gung ho, full speed ahead. --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I got the same book

I got the same book recently, and am working on the seamless raglan. I'll get to the hybrid soon enough. I tried doing the sleeves two at a time, but it was to fussy, and I ended up knitting too tight. Now I'm trying EZ's suggestion of the 16" circ for one sleeve and knitting loosely as she recommends. Good luck to you!

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Check out Jared Flood's

Check out Jared Flood's seamless hybrid:

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"Knitting Without Tears" is

"Knitting Without Tears" is a wonderful book and you will never regret buying it. I would say you should make sure you are certain what your gauge is. Don't do a swatch in flat. Make sure you do one in the round for a true measurement. However, after that, you will find her recipe is simple and you will have a sweater that fits you like a glove.

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oops Knitting without Fears.

oops Knitting without Fears.