Muir Shawl

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This is the Muir shawl from the Fall 2007 edition. I knit it using US 2 needle and 680 yards of 8/2 Tencel yarn. At the $1.85 per ounce price this yarn cost the shawl was cheap!! $6.29 plus labor. It is super light weight and measures in at 20"x70". I did only two pattern repeats however the pattern calls for three.

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It's a beautiful shawl Rick,

It's a beautiful shawl Rick, you've done a lovely job. I made it last year but stuffed up a small section and couldn't be bothered ripping out to re-do.
Where did you buy the tencel?

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This tencel I bought at my

This tencel I bought at my LYS but I've also seen it at (WEBS).

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Extremely lovely! I'm

Extremely lovely! I'm thinking the #2's would scare me. I'm a fan of Mario's moose lace! But might be fun to try knitting with some skinny sticks.

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Beautiful!!! This pattern

Beautiful!!! This pattern is on my ever-changing to do list.

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Very nice. -- Books,

Very nice. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

This is beautiful, and it's

This is beautiful, and it's a very pretty colour.

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/As usual, a masterly

/As usual, a masterly display of knitting.