Noro socks

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I've said I love Noro for its colors. This colorway is the best yet! I enjoyed this pattern. I used Cat Bordhi's master Coriolis pattern to figure out the sizing. For my second finished pair of socks, I'm happy with these. I had trouble with the cuffs being bound off too was so frustrating working and reworking them, especially in a yarn that doesn't frog in a friendly frog kind of way. Someday, I hope to spin my own yarn like this. Maybe ;)

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Very cool! The colorway is

Very cool! The colorway is beautiful.


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Very groovy Mr. Willy! They

Very groovy Mr. Willy! They look handsome and comfy. I love Noro! I'm itching to do a striped scarf with silk garden! That is after I get around to finishing my other hundred UFO's! (",)

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Beautiful job. Did you use

Beautiful job. Did you use sock yarn, or is it a sport weight? Whichever it is, it looks great, like they'd be very comfy on the feet. Am I missing it, or, seeing the right there no gusset with this pattern? I'm not familiar with the Coriolis pattern. I can knit the gusset no problem, just considering different designs, that's all. Thanks.

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Thanks! This is Silk Garden

Thanks! This is Silk Garden Sock yarn, which is rather thick/thin, averaging fingering weight. I just got to wear them to the movies, and they were delightful. It was an added bonus to be sitting right behind a wall, so I put my sock feet up on the wall :) I'm not a knitting guru, so I'm not sure what the proper definition of a gusset is, but the basic premise explored within Cat Bordhi's book is that the increases can be placed any where on the sock, rather than on the gusset as has been done traditionally. So in the Coriolis, the increases occur right across the instep. There are no stitches to pick up. Some people said "short row heel." I don't know if that answers your question or not, but it's the best I can offer. I recommend this book as an addition to your library, especially for exploring different sock constructions. That's what it's all about. Enjoy!

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Really nice socks, Willy. I

Really nice socks, Willy. I like the concept of similar socks making a pair. Keep up the good work. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.