I could just cry..........

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So I have been knitting away at these stupid bags (I'll post pictures after they have been washed) and they have taken me forever, it was my first attempt at a lace pattern (I was recently informed by a lace snob that if it isn't a shawl it isn't lace but that's a whole other rant).
After finishing I was excited to finally start on Ruben's sweater that I was waiting to do since I needed to measure him, and I went to hunt for my patterns and have now realized that they didn't get packed, I have only the sock pattern I wrote for him, and this stupid bag pattern. Right now funds are extremely tight so I don't want to go out and buy new ones. In fact the pattern was sitting on the table waiting to be packed along with all my knitting books, so no knitting books either.
Ok, I'm going to go cry now.


When you down loaded the

When you down loaded the pattern did you down load it to a file? If so, it will still be there and you can just print off another one.

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Would be nice, but that

Would be nice, but that computer is either parted out or on it's way to my daughter in Lansing.
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Who throws away books and

Who throws away books and quilts? If they didn't want them, they could have been sold. I just made $120 getting rid of a whole whack of books I didn't have space for. There's ebay, amazon, craigslist or the friendly used book store. And if it is too much trouble they can donate! Goodwill will take anything. Not only did you lose out on these things, but they have gone to waste. So frustrating.

Regarding the pattern, I agree with Fuzzed that you ought to be able to get another copy of the pattern from the company. They should have a record of your order and be able to send you another. Failing that, why not tell us the pattern you are looking for and maybe someone has got it. I would not feel I was doing anything wrong sending you a pattern you already paid for.

And with respect to the books, you may be able to find them at the library until funds are less tight. Later, you can likely find them cheaply on ebay, amazon etc. I have found a number of books which are normally quite expensive by looking through the used ones on line.

Good luck with this! eli

Eli B.

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I don't know, I sent them

I don't know, I sent them an email. I downloaded the pattern so I'm hoping they will allow me to download it again without purchasing. I think I'm more sick about all the books. My whole collection. I had all the basic books, and 4 or 5 dedicated only to aran knitting. I contacted my daughter and she informed me that the day after I left they threw away everything. Including the boxes of stuff that I asked them to store until I could send the money to have them shipped. I'm just sick. I had 5 king size quilt tops with the backings and batting all ready to be quilted. All my reading books, beading supplies. I don't know. I just want to throw up.
I only own now what I have with me. This feels just like when my house burned. I'm just devistated.
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Oh schitt... I don't

Oh schitt... I don't understand why people would throw things like that away?? Did they even open the boxes to see what was inside? And I'm hoping that the "they" that did this wasn't your daughter, because I would think she'd know better. I hope that you can regain the books that you lost, and I'm sorry about the quilts-in-progress. That's a lot of work to just toss in the garbage... those idiots.


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they knew what was there :(

they knew what was there :( the "boxes" are those big see through plastic bins. There is a lot of scheisse that goes along with WHY they would do this. But still, before I left I paid my daughter $300 to store this stuff for me for 1 year.

But I'm dealing with the loss off all the "things". I just don't WANT to. On the bright side I found a nice hat pattern so I'm not done knitting yet. and if all else fails, Ruben might end up with 10 pairs of natural colored socks LOL
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I'm certainly not

I'm certainly not knowledgeable in the area of copyright technicalities, but it seems to me that if you've already purchased the pattern, then it would be allowable for you to obtain a copy of the pattern from some other source without having to purchase it again. If that's so, then perhaps you could obtain a copy from someone else who has purchased it? Or photocopy it from the local library if they have it available?