I hope you don't mind ...

but I have been persuaded to show an example of my colourwork. This is a cotton sweater knitted some time ago and taken from one of the Rowan magazines.

knitting 001.jpg458.9 KB


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awesome jumper mate thanks

awesome jumper mate

thanks for letting us see

Chris...wildly knitting...always!

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No wonder Rowan wanted to

No wonder Rowan wanted to take the picture! The sweater is beautiful. Very colourful. Great job!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." --Albert Einstein

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wow! Very nice! Impressive

wow! Very nice! Impressive indeed!

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Mind?!?!?!?!? OMG! That


OMG! That sweater is delicious!

Excellent work.


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BEautiful owrk. I love the

BEautiful owrk. I love the colors and the shape, very stunning.

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Atruly majestic piece, you

Atruly majestic piece, you do really beautiful work and cotton and intarsia are likely the most difficult to put together. Congrats....simply beautiful!!!!!

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Why should anyone mind?

Why should anyone mind? It's a beautiful, inspirational piece of colourwork. (And as such, it scares the krap out of me)

Beautiful work! I am

Beautiful work! I am impressed with your abilities.

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What a beautiful sweater!

What a beautiful sweater! Thanks for sharing with us.

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Very nice intarsia work. A

Very nice intarsia work. A grand inspiration. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow. That is so beautiful.

Wow. That is so beautiful. Truly a piece of art.

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Oh Christine, the work is

Oh Christine, the work is stunning, Your creation sparks so many impertinent and invasive questions. Please share more info -
Did you work the intarsia in the round or flat?
It looks like a great yarn and the colors are so pure...what kind of yarn?
What did you like best about this project?
What did you dislike the most?

PS...I love your crisp and direct style...especially when you make an observation after all my caterwauling. Please do it more often...keeps the conversation in balance.

"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends."
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You make me laugh! I worked

You make me laugh! I worked this piece in the flat with Rowan Cotton DK, and for cotton it has a nice handle which also gives the sweater some drape. Before this piece I had never done intarsia, but I went to a tutorial and on the way home I went into a LYS and decided to go for it big time. I liked best the joining in of another colour so that I could see the shape developing. I liked least the darning in of all the ends, but it was worth it. It is a much worn and well loved piece. Thoiught: am I the ying to your yang of posting?

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This is often a bawdy, say

This is often a bawdy, say what you think, let all the poison in the mud "Rise Up!" kind of site. And far more often, it's a thoughtful, concerned and avuncular respite. I, for one, enjoy having both. The philosophy of opposites has so many exceptions I am forced to conclude, "No." However, I do enjoy your posts whenever they are made. Please, make more.

"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends."
– Francis Bacon

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Nice work mija, love it.

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Stunning sweater. Great

Stunning sweater. Great work! Glad you finally posted a bit of your work.

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You go, Girl!!

You go, Girl!!