Maybe OT - but...

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I am wearing a hat I knit!!

Check out these blue floating icebergs!! So beautiful.

And I did see a bunch of wool for sale in a grocery store today - sort of like a little LYS off to the side. I just stepped in to see what the first thing I picked up was and it was... Debbie Bliss! I've never used it but I think I recognize that name.


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Hi Purly. Nice hat, nice

Hi Purly. Nice hat, nice place to visit, delightful LYS find. But the backdrop in your photograph looks like global warming run amok. Run! Run to higher ground!

That is beautiful. I looked

That is beautiful. I looked up more about Iceland after seeing this. Looks like a great country to visit.

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Wow, that's a beautiful

Wow, that's a beautiful spot! I'm thoroughly enjoying your vacation posts, I've never been to that part of the world. Feel free to keep them coming and enjoy your trip!

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The scenerey is incredible!

The scenerey is incredible! Have you seen any Icelandic sheep farms?