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So I started knitting yesterday. Started using a loom at the home, and then an hour before going out to dinner started a scarf on needles so I can easily knit outside. I maybe a newb to this, but I am glad the wife finally corrupted me. I have to say it's very relaxing and therapeutic especially for a combat vet like me.


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welcome! You'll probably

welcome! You'll probably find knitting to be very relaxing and this site is a great resource for information and support.

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Welcome!! The rhythm of

Welcome!! The rhythm of the needles when I knit is better than Calgon. It really helps to melt my stress to where I really feel it not just mentally but physically. There are a lot of great peeps on here not just to enable your knitting but to encourage as well.

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In mixed company, I refer to

In mixed company, I refer to my "magnificent obsession". But usually, I don't give a rat's ass...too busy knitting to worry. Welcome!

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Welcome!!! Always happy to

Welcome!!! Always happy to meet a newcomer to the art/craft of knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome! You should take a

Welcome! You should take a bit of time and read some of the archives, these men and estrogen american's will soon become your enablers, like with any addiction you should know the people who are encouraging your addictions :p

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It is a relaxing hobby!

It is a relaxing hobby! Yesterday was a crappy day at work and when I got home and did a few rows, alot of stress melted. Welcome.

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Welcome! It's more than

Welcome! It's more than therapeutic- it's magic!!

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Welcome to the addiction

Welcome to the addiction that relaxes you and expands your consciousness all at the same time.

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Welcome to the wonderful

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting.

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