not quite there.....

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I had inner-ear reconstructive surgery last wednesday, and got home 2 days ago, Thursday, let me tell you, knitting on pain-killers is an other worldy experience, it kind of takes on a knitting meets fantasia feel, but instead of pink elephants I have dancing yarn.

I can highly recommend it if you're looking for the 'wow, I never knew yarn could do that' experience!


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Sounds like a very

Sounds like a very interesting trip (trip being the operative word) on the road to recovery.

Hope you heal well and are steadily back on your feet in no time.

Hmmmm...dancing yarn.


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Well I hope you're doing

Well I hope you're doing better, and hmmmmm my yarn does some pretty neat tricks on it's own, like getting HUGE knots INSIDE the ball O.o or how about buying 4 skeins, and when you go to get them there are only 3 (I believe this to be possible cannibalism) knitting itself when I'm supposed to be doing a purl row. I'm not sure I need it dancing joyously while it's doing these other things :p
Take care of you
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I take Lyrica for

I take Lyrica for post-herpetic neuralgia that sometimes gives me the feeling of euphoria so I can relate.

Hope your healing is coming along well.


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Those must be some pain

Those must be some pain killers they have you on. When I had surgery to remove a lump from my jaw 2 years ago I was knitting in the hospital after surgery. The next morning my surgeon came in to see me. I was sitting up in bed working on a sock. He said that I must be feeling well enough to go home. That week of recovery was lots of knitting, tea and naps.

Good luck on your recovery and hope you are doing well.

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Hope you are feeling better

Hope you are feeling better and life is still in technicolour lol, even if drug induced. You made my day just seeing your smiling blog.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz Dennis

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sounds like a wonderful way

sounds like a wonderful way to recuperate. do what you can to remember the experience and teach it to others!!

and heal up quickly.

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Hope you're on the mend.

Hope you're on the mend.

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hope you are feeling better,

hope you are feeling better, even if you're missing the wonders of better knitting through chemistry

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