mmmmmmmmm, felty

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Finished the 1st pair.1st set

Not a stellar success, one turned out lopsided and I grabbed the wrong needles to knit up its brother... and did not notice till I was doing the final bind off.

Fortunately, these little mistakes are hidden in the final product. I just let one felt longer than the other and it's all the same. Or at least close enough for me.

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Good job! I hope mine turn

Good job! I hope mine turn out half as well.

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It looks great Justin! How

It looks great Justin! How do they feel wearing them?  Seeing finished clogs is keeping me inspired t owork on mine.

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they are stilll drying, but

they are stilll drying, but seem to be A-OK

Great colors - they look

Great colors - they look perfect

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thanks! yours look really

thanks! yours look really good as well!
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Justin,  They're great


They're great looking!!!!   What do you think about the way the Berrico knits up and how it felts?  But overall  good job!

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They took longer than I

They took longer than I expected to felt, but I have some shoe size issues (Fred Flinstone "F" Width hooves) to contend with, so I dont know that that will affect everyone. I actually made a larger size than the pattern suggested and over felted.

They feel great, and i love the not too fuzzy texture.