Cast off recommendations?

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Hey all-
Getting to the bottom of a top down, 2k 3p ribbed sweater in a beautiful Cascade 220 purple, and I'm debating the cast off...
A traditional would have too much bind, I think, yet I'd like a little more elasticity than a sewn bind off. What's your recommendations for something in between?
Thanks in advance for any advice!


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By George, he's got it. By

By George, he's got it. By George, He's got it!
Now where is that soggy plain???

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See the bind off

See the bind off NewYorkBuilt described for a recent project. Basically you bind off in pattern, but the knit sittches are done with the "return stitch to left needle k2tog" method and the purled stiches bound of "normally" (though purlwise".

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Thanks Mario- It's the moron

Thanks Mario-
It's the moron in me, but that's confusing me... with a p3, k2, which stitch would I do when, or where?

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p3, k2 rib bound off the NYB

p3, k2 rib bound off the NYB way....

p2, pass first stitch over, p1, pass stitch over. Return stitch to left needle. K2tog. return stitch to left needle, k2tog.

from this point, you "purl and pass" x3, "put back and knit together" x2

until you are done.

My head is gonna explode.

My head is gonna explode.

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and how is that working out

and how is that working out for you? :p
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Discombobulated...and those

Discombobulated...and those challenging CAPTCHA math questions are gonna be the death of me.

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Bwahahahahahaha, those

Bwahahahahahaha, those damned CAPTCHA math questions! everytime I see one with a 7 in it I ALWAYS put the answer as 7. I have no plan of it why, 7+2= 7 of course. *face palm*

makes me wonder how I dress myself most days.

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So THAT'S how that bind off

So THAT'S how that bind off works. I thought I wasn't getting something about how to do it. I intended to go back to that post and reread it - yarn and needles in hand - when time allowed. I kept thinking the purls were bound off like the knits, but that would make for too much stretch, perhaps. Thanks, MMario. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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it's a comprimise between a

it's a comprimise between a "normal" bind off and one of the lace bind offs. And by using the normal style on the purl sections it also maintains the ribbing tendency for the knits to spread and the purls to pull in (visually at least on the right side)