Like Mmario's designs? Like lace? Want something for free?

Do you all remember this beautiful shawl from Mmario?

I am going to be giving away a skein of Dura-Lace and the pattern to his Limberlost Trail design. 920 yards of joy. The color is Fiddlehead (as seen in his MWK post).

The yarn comes from Check out the site. I find the colors so beautiful. I ordered some for myself too!

If you like lace and want to knit this beautiful design...send me an email. I think it will be 2-3 weeks til I get the yarn so plan on that plus shipping time from Denver.

Email me by the end of the day Saturday 07/18 if you are interested! If more than one person is interested, I will pull a name.

Happy Knitting

PS...keep in mind that the pattern is only available from for I think a year (and then ownership reverts back to Mmario) so please do not share the pattern. Of course, Mmario can clarify if I am wrong on any account here.

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i'd love it, but why are you

i'd love it, but why are you getting rid of it?

all i know of love, is love is all there is

I am not getting rid of it.

I am not getting rid of it. I bought some for myself (plus I bought another color) too.

I just thought I appreciate what Mmario does and wanted to show it...and seeing the work of Ray...I wanted to share that beautiful yarn with someone else too. So I bought an extra skein.

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i love mmario's designs -

i love mmario's designs - but they scare me

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Honestly - most of them are

Honestly - most of them are not beyond the "simple" range in execution. I just don't *d0* difficult, because I knit to relax.

They LOOK terrribly complicated though.....

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they do look complicated -

they do look complicated - but they're actually easy? hmmmm - i might just have to try one then

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If you have never done lace,

If you have never done lace, I would suggest starting with 'Faux Spanish' or Placida Flamenco. Or "Easy Peasy" if you want to work in the round.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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i've done crochet lace -

i've done crochet lace - seriously, i'm am just starting knitting - this antler scarf is my first project - but i will look into it - maybe then i will find out what ksb means - lol

The Faux Spanish was my

The Faux Spanish was my first lace. Just need to pay attention and it is a breeze.

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Count me in. I haven't made

Count me in. I haven't made a lace piece in quite a while. It's time again. Thanks! Pick me, pick me!

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Please put my name in the

Please put my name in the hat. I would love a chance at the yarn and the pattern.

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Rob...No fair! I just get

Rob...No fair! I just get the willpower to avoid adding to the stash, vowing to use up a lot of it before adding more, and then you do this magnificent act of kindness. Anyway, I have a couple of days to decide if I break my vow. Tempting...VERY tempting. Either way, thank you for the generosity. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm interested... -Thomas

I'm interested...

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Ray at does

Ray at does indeed have exclusive distribution rights to the pattern until July of 2010.

A bit of background. I had been toying with the idea of a shawl based on the Limberlost novels of Gene Stratton-Porter. then Ray happenned to do up a colourway called "fiddlehead" that just screamed "Limberlost! " at me.

Now Ray is an independent dyer who relocated to Houston after Katrina, and who is slowly building up his business. Since:

A) I want him to remain online and available
B) I would like it if he could expand and develop new stuff (such as long colour changes ala Jojoland or Nor)
C) He's another guy in fiber business

I decided to offer him the pattern for a year.

I'm hoping it works out well.