Gift anyone?

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A couple of months ago, I treated myself on some Sublime cashmere merino silk combo, dk weight for 2 different projects. Lovely colours (vintage red and teal), the softest touch, perfect stitch definition, great to knit up. And then: oh disappointment! The yarn fuzzes, pills even before wear. Maybe I was using it for the wrong project, anyhow, it put me off the yarn completely!

I couldn't make myself sell the remaining balls (how could I sell someone something I'm not satisfied with myself) but maybe someone would like it as a gift?

If you think you:
- can live with the fuzzing (or have a lot of quick knits in mind that wouldn't give the yarn time to fuzz)
- have got the perfect project that calls for 8 brand new balls of 127 yards of merino wool with a hint of silk and cashmere in colour Nest Egg or officially shade 0054
- are in the right frame of mind for a gift

then, just leave me a note in the comments before end of July and I'll post it you, wherever you live! If there's more than 1 candidate, I'll have fortune decide who will be the lucky receiver...


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Well, there was a draw today

Well, there was a draw today and guess who'll get the yarn? Thomabulous, yeahhhhh (to be read Kermit-style)!

So, Thomas, can you leave me your postal address in a private message or on Ravelry (where I'm known as anngie)? And don't forget to post pictures of the FO's...

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This is great. It almost

This is great. It almost seems unfair that I get two of these things in a row... Perhaps someone else should get this one? I just feel like I'm monopolizing. :-)


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Oh, I've been looking for

Oh, I've been looking for that yarn for such a long time. It would be the perfect blend for Texas. I'd like to put my name in the hat, but I agree, the college kid prob needs it more than I do. But I still want it. :)

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the color is lovely! I just

the color is lovely! I just acquired some lovely lace weight merino in a similar color that I can't wait to start working with! Someone is going to be a lucky gift recipient! (voting for the hard-up college student too!)

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I can't help but respond to

I can't help but respond to all these wonderful gifting situations on can be hard when one is a college student with a hobby such as this. Heck, I knit shop samples just to get store credit so I can knit with 'real' yarn. Anyway, I'd love the yarn. Maybe fortune will smile down on me.
It certainly is considerate of you to offer your unused yarn to someone here.

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okay, give thomas the yarn.

okay, give thomas the yarn. i can't possibly let a hard-up college boy go without something nice to knit with. sigh.

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I'm not in dire

I'm not in dire straights...I do have some store credit building up from the store samples I'm making. :-)
It's more fun to have a draw, don't you think?

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I was trying my hand at a

I was trying my hand at a Mulberry Bush Capelet (pattern by Alison Brookbanks). I've got a niece who would've looked perfect in a red riding hood-version. But by the time I finished it I had fallen out with both the pattern and the yarn... Someday I'll do a revision of the pattern and try again. Trading's a nice offer, but I'm already happy if there someone out there who could turn the yarn into something nice and not the fuzzy, weirdly shaped thingy I had ;-)

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i'm willing to try!!

i'm willing to try!!

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it looks beautiful. i'm so

it looks beautiful. i'm so sorry it's not loving you back and becoming everything you want. what were you trying to make with it?

anyway, i'd gladly take it off your hands. we could trade, if that would make you feel good.