Zimmermann's Tomten jacket............

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I was inspired by Vsidart's "Baby Surprise Jacket" and as soon as I FIND my pattern, think that I should start one. In the meantime I pulled out EZ's "Knitting Without Tears". I really do love her style, but sometimes I 'd really appreciate a hint re yardage. She suggests about three skeins, but whose skeins, and how much is that? I love a note following. "Take four ounces of baby wool, work at any guage you feel like, and see what happens." I have lots of experience of doing just that - and frogging a little later the same day!
Does anyone who has made the Tomten have any recollection of how many meters are required? Thanks - Phil


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I am currently making an

I am currently making an adult tomten for myself, and I am in love with the squishy goodness of the garter stitch. I figure if it stretches too much, I'll just felt it a bit. Or if I ever loose that extra weight, I'll felt the heck out of it!

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Thanks for the comments and

Thanks for the comments and links guys. I forge on - Phil

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I was also going to

I was also going to recommend Brooklyn Tweed's blog. He gives great tips on how to fit the adult male body along with yardage counts, etc. Lots of luck and have fun! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It is a charming sweater but

It is a charming sweater but that much garter stitch stretches something terrible. I finally "unknit" mine and made a jacket in stocking stitch.

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oops! 70 rows in

oops! 70 rows in now....... iT really feels to late to turn back. Here's hoping that the stretch isn't as pronounced in a baby sweater. - given that they aren't standing :-)

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I have made several for

I have made several for children and no problem with stretching. It was the adult one that stretched.

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Oh wow... that's good to

Oh wow... that's good to know. I would have never known something like that. So you frogged the whole thing huh?

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I've never seen that pattern

I've never seen that pattern but after having looked at Brooklyn Tweed's post and pics I definitely want to do that one. It's so great!

Look at Brooklyntweed's blog

Look at Brooklyntweed's blog - he made this in 2007 and there is a great deal of information in the blog. Just type in 'adult tomten' in the search box for pictures and info.