Aeolian Shawl WIP

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A group at my LYS is doing this as a knit-a-long. I think we're slated to finish in 2011. Lace and fully beaded. Pattern is from I'm using Jaegerspun Zephyr (Cinnabar). and US 4 needles.


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Beautiful. Someday.....


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Beautiful looking shawl, I

Beautiful looking shawl, I hope you enjoy knitting with Zephyr as much as I did.

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Brave soul...not so much for

Brave soul...not so much for the teensy needles as the beads. Looks nice, though. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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oh - beads and teensy

oh - beads and teensy needles! You're a better man then I!