'Starlight on the Waters' and 'After Hours'

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combine this yarn with this pattern (see above in grey) and it's a match made in heaven! Pictures to follow, even though it's not terribly photogenic at this point. I should put it on a longer needle.


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Gorgeous...simply gorgeous.

Gorgeous...simply gorgeous. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Just beautiful work...always

Just beautiful work...always glad when you come up with something new.

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Okay I will be the dumbell

Okay I will be the dumbell and ask what "P" stands for in chart 3, I am thinking "purl" ???????????

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yup. purl. Did I forget

yup. purl. Did I forget that in the key? Bad MMario!

just a wee bit of garter the intervening rows are knit.

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Can't wait to see!

Can't wait to see!

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Beautiful... you posted

Beautiful... you posted something about a month ago... hmmm ... quite productive... I'll have to pull my finger out...
I love your work MM.
Istanbul, Turkey

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'Tis not I that is

'Tis not I that is productive, but my 2900 Demon Enablers. I just put the patterns down; they knit them, for the most part. Some day I hope to actually knit some of my designs before someone else!

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Thank you! I couldn't do

Thank you! I couldn't do it without my 2900 demon enablers.

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Good luck... I downloaded

Good luck...

I downloaded the pattern. Looks rather simple. I like simple.


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It is simple - but it comes

It is simple - but it comes out looking nicely complex.

BTW - nice to see you over at M2K2

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Those are my favorite!!!!

Those are my favorite!!!!