Guest Blog on the Times Union

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Our local newspaper has a blog section which includes a Fiber Arts blog. I was asked to to a guest post (could be a series of them too). Check it out!


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Just finished reading the

Just finished reading the article Aaron, great work.

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Well done Aaron, great

Well done Aaron, great article.

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Aaron, great article. I

Aaron, great article. I echo the sentiments about reading the male perspective of knitting by a man. The pictures were a great addition to the article. Your QAL leaves me inspired to someday take that plunge. Looking forward to hanging out at Rhinebeck 2009. We have a good time.

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Nice article and I enjoyed

Nice article and I enjoyed the extra references as well. Congrats!

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What Joe said...I, of

What Joe said...I, of course, am also glad to see a prime example of QAL included in the article....Hopefully you will be back after Rhinebeck to gloat crow about a win!

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Great blog article Aaron.

Great blog article Aaron. It's nice to see an article on the male knitting experience actually written by a man.

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Hey Aaron, that's great!!

Hey Aaron, that's great!! It's so great the paper created a blog just for fiber arts. What a nice surprise to see a picture of my feet too!! :-)