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No make that EXTREMELY QUICK - this blanket took all of about 5 hours to make! It's perfect for when that baby suddenly appears from nowhere!

I made it using Plymouth Heaven yarn - very bulky. I used 5 skeins (55 yds each), but it should probably have been 6 skeins and a size US 13 needle. The blanket is 30" square - perfect for a newborn - but much bigger and the blanket's too small.

The pattern - CO 3.
Row 2: K1, YO, Knit to end of row.
Repeat row 2 until half of the yarn is used (or the longest side is the size of the square you want) then:
Next row: K1, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end.
Repeat that row until 3 stitches remain then cast off.

How easy could it be??


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awesome pattern i have

awesome pattern i have made the same thing using dishcloth yarn and made them about 12 in square and give them as house warming gifts its great when you know the persons kitchen or bath colors i used a size 8 needle

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That does sound easy, looks

That does sound easy, looks like the result would also work for Xmas tree decorations as well!

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Babies come from nowhere??

Babies come from nowhere?? I always thought it was the cabbage patch... or was it the stork? Who knows where they come from!

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I know, but if I tell you,

I know, but if I tell you, I have to kill you O.o

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Very cool! Thanks for the

Very cool! Thanks for the pattern.

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Don't you hate when that

Don't you hate when that happens? And when you check the packaging, the instruction manual is usually missing!

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