I'm working on a new scarf design.

I'm trying something new (to me). I've cast on enough stitches to make a scarf, but lengthwise, with scrap yarn. I'm knitting half of the width and casting off. Then I'm knitting up the cast on stitches and going in the other direction. It's a shell-like lace pattern so the pull of the different angles is creating an interesting effect. See pictures of my progress so far here.


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I love how the combination

I love how the combination of colors and fibers are combining.  It reminds me of marbled paper or different paints on a palette just starting to get mixed together...I'm looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.

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Always great to see people

Always great to see people putting new twist on old standards. I've done a number of scarves and stoles with a lengthwise caston - and it can make even simple stitch patterns look new and different.