floor rug [plus my google-fu isnt powerful lately]

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im considering knitting a floor rug / carpet since i live in a completely wooden floor boarded house.
has anyone made one? i know you can crochet them but i dont know how to. i SHOULD learn. i will get around to it.

im guessing id need to put a backing on it so its a bit thicker since ill be using 5ply. i cant find anything helpful from google.
maybe i should think of doing something else...
its just that the balls of wool i picked up recently are so nice and i have a milliondyone scarves.

someone also mentioned a site called 'ravel' or something to estimate how much yarn you need for a project. i cant find it on google. anyone have the address?


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I love the idea of a floor

I love the idea of a floor rug. I haven't done anything so large yet; but, my mind goes to EZs garter stitch blanket. Not a floor size, but consider the designing: knitting sections and then joining; and, the garter stitch is a very strong stitch. So many different things you could do.

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i thinking of knitting up

i thinking of knitting up bits and sewing them together too because im not too keen on circular knitting needles [as mine are rubbish and make things 10 times harder and slower]

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Yes, a rug is possible and

Yes, a rug is possible and will look great! You can double the yarns for a heavier fabric.

Or you can do double-knit, with different designs on both sides. That will give you double thickness and double duty with TWO rugs! As someone said, it is just a scarf made larger. The same principles apply.

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i know you can knit one

i know you can knit one easily but i was thinking along the lines of how to make it stiffer so it doesnt act like a hanky on the floor.

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I think the 'stiffest'

I think the 'stiffest' options would be to apply a liquid latex made for rug backing or attach a thick burlap backing to the entire rug.

But if you're going to use a double stranded bulky yarn as you mentioned previously and you're just trying to keep it from slipping, put a non-slip liner (or two) underneath and cut to size.

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i read you can put a bit of

i read you can put a bit of puff paint or something to the back instead.

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That is a technique

That is a technique mentioned in "The Knitted Rug" by Donna Druchunas. She also mentions to use a hair dryer to 'puff' the paint rather than an iron. But she mentions it as a technique for keeping the rug from slipping rather than adding bulk to the rug.

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for rugs I crocheted in the

for rugs I crocheted in the past, to make them no slip I just put some silcone based adhesive on it and let it dry. but of course it was for high traffic areas and cheap yarns, I wouldn't do that with a rug I wanted to keep in really good condition.

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I've been toying with the

I've been toying with the idea of knitting a rug, using the African Adventure afghan pattern, using wool and felting it. Good luck with your's...

I made bathroom rugs quite a

I made bathroom rugs quite a few years ago out of old bed sheets. I tore them into strips, stitched all the strips together and and knit the rugs with some size 35 needles. It was a simple garter stitch and came together so quickly. The nice thing is that I could throw them in the washer with a little bleach and they came out looking great every time. I had them fro two years and were still in good shape when I traded them out for new ones.

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I have some yarns that I

I have some yarns that I have had for over a year. I purchased them because I fell in love with them and then could not figure out what to do with them. They still sit in my stash and I know that some day inspiration will strike and I will think of the perfect thing to do with it. I have some that I want to knit up so so bad, but the perfect idea has not hit me and I have not seen a pattern that screams for that yarn. if nothing else, realize that you are building you stash so that when the zombie apocalypse comes, you can knit your survivalist kit.

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true. or if im under house

or if im under house arrest for two weeks.

i just hate coming to the point of almost finishing one project and not having anything to start straight afterwards!

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If you go to

If you go to knittingpatterncentral.com they have a whole section on rugs in their directory. You can get ideas from their patterns and take off on your own. When you think about it a rug is just a wide scarf. I looked on Ravelry for you (you have to be a member to look at their patterns so this might be a good time to join if you want to) and most of the free patterns were either garter stitch or stockinette stitch with garter stitch borders. There was one that was knit with strips of old clothing. However, you can swatch - why not use big needles and use two or three or four strands of yarn held together- when you run out of one colour just buy some more of another or if you are using multiple strands you can mix the colours up for interesting displays. Good luck.

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ah thanks for both the site

ah thanks for both the site address. very helpful.

i may have to give up on the idea of using the wool i wanted and go for a super bulky wool.
ugh i dont know what to do with this wool i have!

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I've knit a rug using two

I've knit a rug using two strands of yarn on a bigger needle. As a general guideline, if the yarn calls for a 4mm needle and you are going to use 2 strands, use an 8mm needle instead. Double the yarn, double the needle width. Again, it's just a general guideline.

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i think ill use double bulky

i think ill use double bulky yarn. make it as thick as possible.

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Good luck and post pics when

Good luck and post pics when you get it going!