Southern Maine Pride

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...we had a 900 foot long flag this year. It just keeps getting bigger and more pieces get attached every year.



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so size really does

so size really does matter?
they tried to organize a gay pride parade in my town, it didn't go over well. Homophobic Hillbillies is the predominate religion here. second only to the church of the cranial anal insertion sect.
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Are you on Ravelry? ...and

Are you on Ravelry?

...and if so, have you joined LSG?

Yes, indeedie, a place where you will definitely be welcomed with open arms.


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its like a gay version of a

its like a gay version of a chinese dragon dance!

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Wow! Thanks for sharing

Wow! Thanks for sharing that. I haven't been to the pride parade yet; but, I have been to PrideFest. one can blink and miss that, that's for sure!

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Wonderful. I like the idea

Wonderful. I like the idea of using the flag as a metaphor for the strength of the community.
Did you happen to see the bit on Ravelry about the first-ever pride parade in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

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Yes, indeed. I thought I

Yes, indeed.

I thought I posted on it, but, apparently, the post didn't go through. sometimes that happens.

That was so awesome for him, if anything.