Estes Park Wool Market - What a day!

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Well, I'm back - got caught in some rain on the way back - and it was an amazing day. I'm thinking next year we should have a men's knitting retreat in Estes Park the weekend of the wool market. So great! See lots of pics in the Facebook Estes Park Wool Market photo album.


I bet it was great. The

I bet it was great. The weather looked good too. Hopefully you stayed away from the hail and funnel clouds on the way home. Did you buy anything??? I imagine it would be expensive though.

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It was great - and the

It was great - and the weather on the way up and in Estes Park was amazing. Started getting a bit drizzly and cool on the way back and actually it wasn't until I got down out of the mountains and near Golden that I realized there was some real funky stuff going on. I was basically riding east into it all. So I waited under an overpass just outside Golden for it to blow over. By the time I got back to Denver it was all good.

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Terrific Idea. The photos

Terrific Idea.
The photos make it look like a lot of fun. I've never been to an event like that.

Sounds really neat and the

Sounds really neat and the pictures look great (that sheep is really taking everything in stride, too). Wish I could have made it out of town this weekend!

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Sounds like a great

Sounds like a great destination.

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Hi Frank, I went every year

Hi Frank,

I went every year that I lived in Boulder, and loved it. One year I took my friend Joan from England - she was totally blown away!

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