Gentlemen... Grab Your Balls!

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AND WE'RE OFF!  (if we are lucky)

For those of you who are tired of seeing my ugly mug up here every morning.....I am too.  But just think..... I have to live with it every day!

I want to thank you all for getting behind this progect.  Happily, next monday we are going to be having our first men's knitting group getting together here in Dallas.  What I would like to accomplish here is to give those who have no such opportunity, to have a sense of commoradarie and union, develope friends and live, love and promote what we all do.... in short... a sense of home.

I want to hear everyones' day to day knit triumphs and dissappointmens so as we, people who share a common venture..... can learn from one another.

 One wise istructor I once had always said, "learn one, do one, teach one".

As I said... no race or rush.... go at your own pace and post your progress.




Ken in Maine asked me to

Ken in Maine asked me to give my secret for making clean striped clogs.  after the soles are knit the pattern start working back and forth across the toe toward the heel.  the rest of the rows after that start with the instruction "slip 1".  I change colers BEFORE this stitch in the previous row (after the decrease stitch) because that one stitch of old color ends up in the row above it and makes a jagged line of color when felted.  i am having a hard time explaining how it helps but worth doing.  an example row is row 10 in the pattern:  slip 1, p12, p2tog, (change colors), p1 turn.  rambling and studdering has now set in but hopefully you get the jist of it.  my local lys men's night is tomorrow so I'll p/u reinforcements then and get started!   I also wont knit less than 2 rows of any color anymore because it just dosen't stand out very well.

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I got my pattern today and

I got my pattern today and visited a yarn shop I had not been to before.  Plus they give a discount to Knitting Guild members, which is way cool.  Looking it over I can see how the soles can be a challenge if you don't pay attention.  It looks like it will be a fun project to work on.

I'm hoping to at least cast on tonight after getting some things done around the house.  Maybe I'll stop in the chat room when I do.  Look forward to seeing every one's progress.  Remember, lots of pics to share.

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MIxed-strand felting creates

MIxed-strand felting creates a cool mottled effect.

This pattern by Plymouth yarn company uses a section felted with two colors to create a transition between stipes.

Vase Pattern

The pattern calls for their galway worsted, but I did it w/Cascade 220 and had great results. 

That's a very cool effect! 

That's a very cool effect!  Now that I see how it looks I'm thinking of making clogs using a single background color throughout and different secondary colors for the various parts (cuff, upper, inner and outer soles) or as stripes.

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Justin, aside from this

Justin, aside from this project.. I really need to explore more about felting thanks!  And see you Monday.

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btw- off to a good start


off to a good start with 1 sole down. Wanted to do more, but I had to go to work... so I can afford to buy more yarn.

I have knitted them out of

I have knitted them out of cascade 220 (2 strands) but haven't tried 2 different colors together, great idea!!  here are some blue green ones I have made out of lamb's pride bulky.  I hate to admit this but I cannot work on the soles of this pattern and be sociable, lose my place constantly and regret it!   am fine working the tops though. 

striped clogs
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Not sure where we want to

Not sure where we want to post questions, comments, our progress, for the clog-a-long.  I went to the event and added my stuff there, but will be happy to move it to where ever we land.

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Warren.... you know that you

Warren.... you know that you have had the invitation to just stick it wherever you want!  I say, do a post and wait for the replies.  I'm going to ask a few questions along the way, but by no means am I "running" this thing.  Merely promoting it.

Here's to those red speedos! (remind me to salute them again)

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Oh man, you are SOO evil!

Oh man, you are SOO evil!

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I loves ya Warren!

I loves ya Warren!

I finally got my first pair

I finally got my first pair of clogs felted.  WOW!!!  The results are amazing.  I was finishing them on a plane where I could only imagine the what people must have been thinking and how they must have retold the story..."Mabel I saw this man knitting on the plane the other day and, poor thing, he was making the biggest pair of slippers I have evah seen!" 
Those of you who haven't made them yet are in for a treat.


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Luke, don't you just love

Luke, don't you just love that magical moment when this honkin' piece of yarn turns into a swan?  Good Work

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Ha ha!!! Yes, I can see some

Ha ha!!! Yes, I can see some old lady saying EXACTLY that!!!  I showed my partner the pattern over the weekend and he thinks they're cool.  Then he sees me on the couch last night with the pattern on the table next to me and this big unidentifiable mass of yarn in my lap and says "umm, shouldn't they be smaller?"

I have a bag full of Reynolds Lopi in a "super bulky" weight (67 yds to a 100g hank).  I have eight hanks, and I'm considering trying the pattern with this yarn too, just single stranded because it's so thick.  I should have enough.

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I could use some

I could use some clog/slippers...

where did the pattern come from?


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Hi Bill, The pattern is

Hi Bill,

 The pattern is Fiber Trends felted clog pattern AC-33x.  It's available at most LYS's or online.  Fun pattern

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Thank you... there is one

Thank you... there is one San Francisco source listed...but it will be two weeks before I can get there... Bill

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You will love em...  I am

You will love em...  I am on my 4th pair in only 2 months.  Guess what everyone is getting for xmas???

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Next time I'm in Dallas (it

Next time I'm in Dallas (it will actually be the first time but...) I will try to join you.  Not much of a presence of male knitters here in Smallbany.  Queer Joe is another Smallbany resident and has a great knitting blog, and although his blog displays the Men Who Knit icon/link, I don't think he's a member here.  Perhaps we could strong arm him like we did with Ken?

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Would be happy to get Queer

Would be happy to get Queer Joe!  And I have another one!  Check out this site.  The guy did a pair of clogs in stripes  they are really good looking.

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Those look great!!!  I'm

Those look great!!!  I'm going to have some patterning in my clogs, thanks to my choice of yarn.  Kinda hard to tell what it's going to look like right now though, but number one is coming along quickly. 

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In the three pair that I

In the three pair that I have done I have always done contrasting (but complimentary of course) colors.  This time I am using a solid, deep denim color for the sole and then using one strand of the sole color with a strand of a lavender yarn.  I'm excited about how the clog will look after it has felted up.  As the two strands seem to be making a random pattern.

I'll be very interested to

I'll be very interested to see how that turns out with two different colored strands.  I've wondered before if the two colors would "mix" (e.g. yellow + blue = green) or whether the felted product would have little flecks of both colors throughout.  Please post a picture as soon as you felt them.

Woo Hoo!  Good for you,

Woo Hoo!  Good for you, Chris!  Wish we had something like that where I live.  Nothing but wayward armidillos and swamp boars down here.   And, if you think that's bad,  you should see the wildlife!  Hope the guys that get together are a great group.  I'll be thinking of you all.

Tchüß, Mike in Tampa

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

Enjoy your group. I have fun

Enjoy your group. I have fun meeting the guys @ The Point, Sunday evenings. 

Knit away, knit away