Knitting Retreat/Craft Show Oct 23rd

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I would like to get together with a bunch of other knitters this fall for some fiber fun. The gay campground that is located nearby is having a craft show the weekend of Oct 23rd.

If you would like to check out their website here is the link:

I will need someone to teach classes. Do you knit socks? Great I haven't even begun to learn that. Two stranded knitting; haven't got a clue. Think about something you have learned and develop a class around it. Let me know and let's make this happen.

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I can't make it, but I've

I can't make it, but I've stayed at Sawmill for a nudist group weekend that I belonged to when I lived in Florida. The cabins were nice and I think they had a pretty good pool as well. Take bug spray though...

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(can't delete duplicate

(can't delete duplicate comment)

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Em-eyz: Where? Are you NY

Em-eyz: Where? Are you NY or Florida? Sounds like a great idea. Any chance you'll take the show on the road and include Sacramento CA (or, more appropriately SF or Guerneville)?

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I could maybe come. Florida

I could maybe come. Florida isn't too bad a drive from Georgia.
I can teach toe-up socks, fair isle, double knitting, lace, if needed.